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Undergraduate Record 2024-2025 
Undergraduate Record 2024-2025

Living On And Off Grounds

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Dining at UVA

Dining provides students numerous opportunities for meals and snacks from dining rooms, food courts, coffee shops, and convenience stores around Grounds. Whether you just need a between-class snack or a full-course meal, it’s covered when you have a meal plan. Students have the opportunity to eat on Grounds from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. in over 25 locations.

When you purchase a meal plan you get: swipes for meals at residential dining rooms on Grounds; Plus Dollars to spend at UVA Dining cafes, food courts, and convenience stores; and meal exchange opportunities at certain locations. You can also use your Plus Dollars with our local delivery partners – Papa John’s and Ming Dynasty.

The University student identification card is the student’s entry into the residential dining rooms. It allows students to use the meals and Plus Dollars on their dining plans, and tells them the current balances. If the card is lost or stolen, the card office must be notified immediately at 924-4508 to deactivate the card. A separate card is issued to students in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

For more information, please visit the UVA Dining website at, email or contact the Meal Plan Coordinator, UVA Dining, P.O. Box 400312, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4312; (434) 982-5140. Dining locations are accessible to students with disabilities.

Meal Plan Changes

Meal plans are annual contracts. First year students are required to purchase a meal plan for the entire year. As a courtesy, we provide a change period in between semesters. All changes must be made on the UVA Dining website ( by completing the “Dining Plan Change Request” Form or by filling out an “Intent to Change” Form at the Dining Services Administrative Office at Observatory Hill during a specific time period each semester. Please note that removing your meal plan from your QuickPay system does not change or cancel your meal plan.

Students may purchase or upgrade their meal plan at any time during the academic year. There is no fee for upgrading meal plans; however a $50 Early Termination Fee (ETF) is applied to all early terminations except for students graduating in December or studying abroad. The 2016/17 meal plan rates are available on the UVA Dining website at

Meal Plan Options

All Access Meal Plans let students enjoy all-you-care-to-eat dining for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the residential dining rooms. Students receive all access to the dining rooms with these plans. Please visit our website at for more information on all of our meal plan options. Plus Dollars: All meal plans include Plus Dollars, which can be used in all dining locations. They work like an ATM or debit card, and students can use Plus Dollars for beverages, snacks, or full meals. The total purchase price is subtracted from the Plus Dollar dining plan balance. Students may increase the flexibility of their meal plan by purchasing additional Plus Dollars at any time. All charges are billed by Student Financial Services, and funds are available within one business day of sign-up.

Please note that the above descriptions of the meal plans do not include all relevant terms and conditions of the contract. Please refer to for complete terms and conditions.

Meal Exchange/TO-GO Meals

Our policies on Meal Exchange and To-Go meals at UVA Dining are as follows: A To-Go meal counts as a “Meal Exchange” swipe, and is deducted from your account in the same manner. With the Ultimate Access Meal Plan, you are allowed three swipes per day to use for either Meal Exchange or To-Go meals. With the All Access 7, Semester 160, Semester 80 and Semester 50 Meal Plans, you are allowed two swipes per day to use for Meal Exchange or To-Go Meals. There is an hourly limitation on swipes:you are allowed one swipe per hour whether you use a Meal Exchange or To-Go swipe. We want you to join us for your meals in our locations and share in the experience of dining at The University of Virginia.

Residential Colleges and Language Houses

Brown College requires that all residents purchase a residential meal plan and it is expected that residents will eat in the College dining hall at the Fresh Food Company in Newcomb Hall. Hereford College requires that all residents purchase a residential dining plan and it is expected that residents will eat at Runk Dining Room for Sunday brunch or dinner and two additional dinners between Monday and Thursday evening.

Language Houses: The French and Spanish language houses require that all residents participate in a Language House Dining Plan. Students are required to eat dinner Monday through Thursday at their respective language house.

Athletic Dining Plans: Varsity student athletes are required to participate in an Athletic dining plan. These plans include dinners at the John Paul Jones athletic dining room, featuring recipes designed to meet the special nutritional needs of student-athletes. Only student athletes on varsity NCAA competing sports teams are eligible to participate in Athletic Dining plans.

Housing & Residence Life

Please refer to the Housing & Residence Life (HRL) website for information and policies related to living on Grounds.

As part of the University’s commitment to the first-year experience, the University’s long-standing policy is that all first-year students must live on Grounds.

After their first year in residence, students who wish to continue to live on Grounds may submit an online housing application at

Requests for information should be addressed to Housing & Residence Life at 434-924-3736 or

Housing & Residence Life Policies

All students who live on Grounds are subject to the Terms & Conditions of Housing found at as well as HRL policies found at

First-year students cannot park a vehicle on Grounds during their first two semesters at the University. Any exceptions must be approved in advance by an Assistant or Associate Dean of Students in HRL. Exceptions are only granted in extraordinary circumstances, which include, but are not limited to, participation on an athletic team that practices off Grounds (names must be submitted by the Athletics Department), participation in equestrian activities off Grounds, ongoing medical appointments off Grounds, or employment off Grounds. HRL recommends that all first-year students focus on their acclimation to the University and take part in the University’s residential experience. The availability of a vehicle on Grounds is only for those who truly need it. Misuse of an exception for purposes other than what is listed in the exception letter will result in the revoking of parking privileges and referral to the University Judiciary Committee (UJC).

Sales and soliciting are prohibited within University residential areas. The only exception is during University elections, when student candidates may enter a University residential building with a student host who lives in that building. The candidate must be with their host at all times. Student candidates must follow these guidelines and those outlined by the University Board of Elections.

Students are strongly encouraged to obtain personal property insurance, as the University is not responsible for damage to residents’ property.

The University reserves the right to change or cancel any housing assignment; to temporarily or permanently reassign students to other available housing; to designate any housing as available for expanded or decreased occupancy; and to assign graduate and undergraduate students to the same housing.

Rental Rates

University housing rental rates can be found on the Housing & Residence Life website at Rates include utilities, except telephone and cable TV.

Residence Hall / Apartment Living Visitation


Visitation in on-Grounds housing is outlined in the undergraduate and graduate Terms & Conditions of Housing. Please refer to the Housing & Residence Life website for more information.

Privately Owned (Off-Grounds) Accommodations

Students wishing to obtain housing off Grounds should consult the Off-Grounds Housing section of HRL’s website at

Parking & Transportation

Parking Regulations

The Department of Parking and Transportation is committed to providing parking for students, employees, patients, visitors, and event patrons while meeting current and future land use needs.  The University Transit Service is dedicated to providing safe, sustainable, and reliable transportation to the UVA community.

For additional information on any of the following information, please visit the Parking & Transportation (P&T) web site,, or call 434-924-7231

Parking at the University of Virginia is generally allowed only by permit, except at meters or in attended lots. Permits are valid only in the designated lot and subject to posted restrictions.

Parking regulations remain in effect throughout the year, unless otherwise posted. Permit regulations are lifted during certain University and Medical Center holiday seasons. Permit regulations are not lifted during student breaks, but temporary permits for certain lots may be purchased during such periods.

Painted curbs also indicate controlled areas. Yellow paint means parking is prohibited at all times. Red paint means parking is limited according to the posted signs.

Visitors may park in designated areas throughout the University. The Medical Center has designated parking for patients and visitors. Visitors may purchase temporary permits for varying periods of time. The University assumes no responsibility for the care and protection of any vehicle or its contents while parked in any University-controlled area.

For additional information and to read the full policy, see PRM-010: Parking Regulations.

Alternative Transportation

A. General Information
The Department of Parking and Transportation actively seeks to provide transportation services that are safe, reliable, and convenient while also being sustainable and environmentally responsible.  P&T works to educate the UVA community on existing alternative transportation modes available on Grounds and in the greater Charlottesville area while exploring new and innovative options. 

B. Bicycles and Electric Bicycles
Cycling is a healthy, convenient, and environmentally friendly transportation alternative. There are several designated bike paths, trails, and routes throughout Charlottesville that make it safe and convenient for cyclists. For detailed information regarding bike routes in and around Grounds, refer to the UVA SMART Transportation Map. All persons riding a bike are encouraged to wear a helmet, must obey all applicable traffic regulations, and yield the right-of-way to pedestrians. When parked outside, bikes should only ever be parked at and secured to a bike rack. 
Bikes that are not properly stored, as described in the University Bicycle Policy, will be impounded by the P&T and assessed an impoundment fee. Visit the P&T website for more information. Students are encouraged to register their bike with the University Police Department (UPD), which may help in its recovery in case the bike is lost or stolen. 

C. Scooters and Electric Scooters
Scooters are a fun and quick alternative transportation option for getting around Grounds quickly. UVA and Charlottesville have partnered with Veo to bring the community rentable electric scooters and bikes. Please note that all persons riding a scooter are required to wear a helmet, obey all applicable traffic regulations, and yield the right-of-way to pedestrians. When parked outside, scooters should only ever be parked at and secured to a bike rack. Scooters that are not properly stored, as described in the University Scooter Policy, will be impounded by P&T and assessed and impoundment fee. Students are encouraged to register their scooter with the University Police Department (UPD), which may help in its recovery in case the scooter is lost or stolen.

D. Mopeds
Mopeds are akin to motorcycles and are an increasingly popular transportation option for those wanting to forgo using a car. Mopeds are considered a motor vehicle when in operation, are subject to all the same rules of the road and cannot be ridden on sidewalks or bike paths. Moped operators must wear a helmet at all times.  All mopeds are required to have a parking permit to park on Grounds and can only park in areas designated as moped parking or in Blue/Commuter parking.

E. Car Sharing
Worried about not having a car while at UVA? P&T has partner with Zipcar to provide car sharing services to all UVA students, faculty, and staff 18 or older with a valid driver’s license. Once approved, Zipcar members can rent any of the several vehicles stationed around Grounds, which can be reserved either by the hour or by the day. All reservations include gas, insurance, maintenance, and 180 miles per 24-hour reservation. Visit the Zipcar website for more information.

F. Intercity Transit
Charlottesville is served by several mass transportation service providers, including Amtrak passenger rail service, Greyhound intercity bus transportation, and various airlines at the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport (CHO). 

Bus Service

A. General Information
The University Transit Service (UTS) operates several fare-free fixed routes providing transportation throughout Grounds on a year-round basis. UTS is available to all students, faculty, and staff.  Please visit the University Transit Service website to view the current route system.

B. GPS Arrival Predictions
Riders can review active bus routes and arrival predictions via the Transloc system. Transloc can be accessed through the Transloc website or the Transloc app available for Apple and Android OS.

C. Charters
UTS offers Charter Services to accommodate the special transportation needs of various academic groups and affiliates of the University of Virginia.  Charter policies, available vehicles, and reservation instructions are listed on the Parking and Transportation website.

D. Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT)
University of Virginia students, faculty and staff can ride the Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) for free with a valid UVA ID.  This fare-free program, funded by the University of Virginia, provides access to popular off Grounds locations such as the Fashion Square Mall, Rio Hill Shopping Center, and the Downtown Mall.  Fare-free open ridership does not apply to the CAT Football Shuttle.  Please visit the Charlottesville Area Transit website for routes and schedules.

E. Service Schedules
UTS operates on different levels of service based on the academic, health system, and holiday calendar.  Please visit the Service Schedule for details on the specific service definitions.

F. Student Employment
Students are the primary driving force behind the University Transit Service.  UTS recruits and trains students to earn their CDL license and operate the transit buses in the UVA fleet.  Once employed, student drivers also have the opportunity to serve on a UTS Committee (Safety, Marketing, Recruiting & Retention, or Public Relations) and operate chartered bus service. Students who are interested in becoming a bus driver should visit the University Transit Service website or e-mail UTS at

Disability Services

A. Permit Options

a. Students with Disabilities
Students with a permanent or temporary physical disability who hold a UVA parking permit may submit requests to the Elson Student Health Center for special permits entitling them to reserved parking. In addition, these permits allow parking at meters free of charge, service spaces, and in designated handicapped spaces.
              Elson Student Health Center
              400 Brandon Avenue
              P.O. Box 800760
              Charlottesville, VA 22908-0760
              (434) 924-5362

B. Demand and Response Transportation (DART)
The Demand and Respond Transportation Service has been developed with the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs to provide transportation to those who, because of permanent or temporary disability, are unable to use the regular, fixed-route UTS bus service. An application must be completed to establish individual needs and services requirements.  All information disclosed in the application is kept confidential. Applicants that are approved for DART service should review the DART Riders’ Guidelines available on the DART website prior to scheduling their first DART ride.

C. Event Parking for Those with Disabilities
The Parking and Transportation website provides information for disability parking options for Football games at Scott Stadium and for events at the John Paul Jones Arena.

Event Impacts on Permit Parking

A. General Information
Due to the parking demand associated with large events at the University, permit holders will be asked to vacate parking lots by a certain time. Vacate notices will be posted at each parking lot in advance and permit holders will receive an emailing about mandatory vacates.

Common events that require certain lots to be cleared are large events at the John Paul Jones Arena including Men’s Basketball games, Football games at Scott Stadium, select events at Cabell Hall, and large University events such as Final Exercises

Parking Enforcement

A. General Information
Parking restrictions are in effect year-round, seven days a week. Signs at the lot entrances denote specific permit restrictions. In many lots, restrictions are in place at all times (designated as “all times” lots) or modified after 3:30 PM or 5:00 PM. Special events (plays, concerts, athletic events, etc.) parking may also modify the availability of parking in certain lots. Check the signs at every entrance/space for exact restrictions.

The Department of Parking and Transportation or the Department of Police may immobilize or remove and put into storage any vehicle in violation of University Parking Regulations. Costs of such removal and storage are charged against the individual in whose name the car is registered. Towed vehicles may be retrieved by the owners at the appropriate towing company office.

B. Parking Regulations
Current Parking Regulations are listed on the Parking and Transportation website.

C. Appealing a Citation
Any person who has been issued a parking ticket may file for an appeal hearing with the Department of Parking and Transportation provided that no more than fourteen (14) calendar days have elapsed since the issuance of the ticket.

i. Appeals may be submitted via the online parking portal or may be mailed to our Hearings Officer at:
UVA Department of Parking and Transportation
ATTN: Hearings Officer
P.O. Box 400000
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4000

ii. Please include the citation number, license plate of the vehicle that received the citation, and a mailing address for Hearing Officer correspondence

iii. The current policy regarding appeals is available on the Parking and Transportation website at this address:

D. Paying a Citation
Citations may be paid on-line on the Parking and Transportation website using most major credit cards or may be mailed to the main office at:
UVA Department of Parking and Transportation
P.O. Box 400000
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4000

When mailing in your payment, please include the bottom portion of the citation with your payment (check or money order). Write the citation number or the license plate number in the memo field of the check or money order. Do not send cash through the mail.

E. Vehicle Immobilization and Removal
The Department of Parking and Transportation or the Department of Police may immobilize or remove and put into storage any vehicle in violation of University Parking Regulations. Costs of such removal and storage are charged against the individual in whose name the car is registered. Towed vehicles may be retrieved by the owners at the appropriate towing company office.
Costs of removal and storage are charged against the individual in whose name the car is registered. Towed vehicles may be retrieved by the owners at the appropriate towing company office (see list of authorized companies below).

Any student, staff or faculty member whose driving or parking privileges are compromised as a result of a vehicle parked in violation of University Parking Regulations may request that the Department of Parking and Transportation take action against the violating vehicle. After hours the UVA Police Department will respond to such requests. Ticketing and towing of violating vehicles may result. 

Permit Parking

A. General Information
Except for first-year undergraduate students, all students may own and/or operate motor vehicles at the University and in Charlottesville and Albemarle County. To park motor vehicles on the University Grounds, a permit must be purchased from the Department of Parking and Transportation Services or the Park Mobile option utilized in appropriate locations.

B. Temporary and Occasional Parking Permits
Depending on availability, students may purchase temporary and occasional parking permits to park in certain areas on Grounds. Occasional parking permits provide a parking option for those who normally bike, walk, or carpool to Grounds but need to occasionally use their own vehicle.

C. On-Grounds Students
Depending on availability, students living in on-Grounds student housing may purchase Reserved Parking permits for lots near their residence.  Alternatively, students living on-Grounds may choose to purchase the less expensive storage permit valid in the 4th and 5th floors of the Emmet/Ivy Garage.   

D. Off-Grounds Students
Depending on availability, students living off-Grounds may purchase Commuter or Reserved parking permits  Prices vary by location.

E. Purchasing a Permit
Students Living On-Grounds may purchase a permit each year beginning in August. Students Living Off-Grounds may purchase a permit at any time during the year online.
Please note that Student Permits are not automatically renewed from year-to-year. All outstanding balances must be paid prior to purchasing or renewing a permit.

F. Vehicle Registration
Individuals may register their own, their spouse’s, or their parent’s vehicle. Parking permits will not be issued for trail bikes, mini-bikes, snowmobiles, cargo trailers, boats, campers, mopeds (under 50cc’s), etc.

G. Motorcycles and Mopeds
Special “motorcycle only” and “moped only” parking areas have been designated throughout Grounds. A Commuter or Storage permit is required to park within both areas.
Motorcycles parked in a regular parking space within a parking lot (i.e., a space that either a car or motorcycle could use) are subject to the same permit restrictions as cars.

H. Replacement Permits and Returning Permits
Lost or damaged permits may be replaced by paying a nominal fee. When a vehicle is sold or traded, the permit must be removed because citation liability continues to apply to the original permit holder. Parking and Transportation will issue refunds for parking permits returned prior to the expiration date of the permit. Refunds are prorated and are not issued for amounts less than $5.00.

I. Parking Enforcement - Parking permits can be revoked at the discretion of the University if the permit holder has been proven to abuse their privilege. Fraudulent misuse and abuse of patient parking or the display of a lost, stolen, or counterfeited permit is punishable by administrative fine and total revocation of parking privilege. Parking permits are the property of the University and may be physically removed from the bearer’s vehicle by UVA representatives if the permit is not voluntarily returned upon revocation.

Any person anticipating a temporary parking problem regardless of duration should contact Parking and Transportation at (434) 924-7231 in advance to seek possible options. Unless arrangements are made in advance, illegally parked vehicles are subject to citation and/or towing at the owner’s expense. 

Riding, Parking, and Storing Bicycles at the University


Given that bicycles are a form of transportation, the Department of Parking and Transportation is responsible for the issuance and administration of University bicycle regulations governing appropriate use and storage of bicycles.

Bicyclists must:

  • Ride in accordance with Virginia State laws;
  • Obey all traffic signs, signals, lights, and markings; and
  • Where permitted, while on sidewalks and shared-use paths, yield the right of way to pedestrians and give an audible signal before passing a pedestrian.

Parking Bicycles:

Bicycle racks must be used for parking (bringing to a halt and leaving it temporarily). However, faculty and staff while at work, or students while attending class, may park a bicycle inside a University facility provided (1) the specific facility does not prohibit bicycles inside; and (2) the bicycle is not parked in an entrance-way or an exit or exit passageway and interfering with a means of ingress or egress. Bicycles not properly parked will be impounded by the Department of Parking and Transportation.

Bicycle racks are for bicycles only, not motorized vehicles. Bikes parked in bike racks are expected to be maintained in good condition by the owner. If a bike is dilapidated or there is evidence of abandonment, the bike will be impounded and applicable impound fees will apply.

At the Medical Center, bicycles must be parked in designated spots outside of buildings. Bicycles are not permitted in any Medical Center facilities or in any School of Medicine facilities connected to the Medical Center.

Bike Racks on Buses:

All University Transit Service (UTS) transit buses are outfitted with bike racks to help riders easily transition from bike to bus. Each rack is capable of holding three bicycles at a time. Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) transit buses are also equipped with bike racks. [Note: Bicycles are not permitted inside any UTS or CAT bus.] Additional information is available on the Parking and Transportation website.

Storing Bicycles:

Bicycles may not be stored in suites, apartments, hallways, stairwells or study lounges of University residential housing. Bicycles may be stored in student bedrooms as long as the means of egress is maintained. Bicycles that are not properly stored will be impounded by the Department of Parking and Transportation.

Impounded Bicycles:

Impounded bicycles may be picked up at the Parking and Transportation Office during regular operating hours within 120 days of impoundment. A fee per impounded bicycle will be assessed. The Parking and Transportation Office is located at 1101 Millmont Street, Charlottesville, VA and is open from 7:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday-Friday.

Bicycle Registration:

The University Police Department offers online bicycle registration to students, faculty, and staff. Registration information may be used to assist in recovering a stolen or lost bicycle (see Procedures below).

For additional information and to read the University’s full bike policy, see PRM-019: Riding, Parking, and Storing Bicycles at the University.

Riding, Parking, and Storing of Motorized Scooters and Electric Power-Assisted Bicycles at the University

Motorized scooter and electric power-assisted bicycle operators are prohibited from:

  • Operating (riding) on any sidewalk on University property, including the Medical Center.
  • Parking (leaving, abandoning) or storing the vehicle in any University facility, in University housing, or in any Medical Center building.
  • Charging the vehicle in any University or Medical Center electrical outlet.

Only those vendors providing motorized scooters and electric power-assisted bicycles who have been successfully permitted through the City of Charlottesville (which includes meeting the City’s equipment requirements in order to operate) shall be allowed to apply to operate on University Grounds or on University property, including the Medical Center. Approved vendors must adhere to additional requirements as set forth by the University. For vendors, authority to operate (i.e., deploy their motorized scooters, drop off, and pick up) on University Grounds does not change the cap on the number of devices permitted by the City.

Faculty, staff, students, Medical Center employees, and other visitors to the University operating a personally-owned motorized scooter or electric power-assisted bicycle on University Grounds or on University property, including the Medical Center, must adhere to these provisions as well.

These requirements apply to motorized scooters and electric power-assisted bicycles that are operated within the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County.

The University’s Department of Parking and Transportation is responsible for the issuance and administration of University motorized scooter and electric power-assisted bicycles program and the regulations governing appropriate application process, use, parking, and storage of motorized scooters. The University Police Department is responsible for enforcing moving violations and/or other life safety issues.

  1. Riding Requirements:
    The University requires the responsible operation of motorized scooters and electric power-assisted bicycles at all times while on University property. Requirements include:
  • Obeying all applicable traffic regulations.
  • Operating (riding) only in designated operating areas and in accordance with slow and no-go zones as defined by the vendors’ service maps.
  • Yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks.
  • Wearing a helmet.
  • Riding on streets and, where available, in bike lanes.
    • Stand-up motorized scooters must stay to the right of street lanes and must offer the right-of-way to bicycles on bike lanes and bike paths.
  • Not riding:
    • while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • on any sidewalks, trails or other uneven surfaces.
    • in any unsafe manner, including in tandem with a passenger, acrobatic riding, or in heavy pedestrian environments that overflow sidewalks (e.g., large events and class changes).

The University prohibits (1) the wearing of headphones or using a mobile device (including talking or texting) while riding; (2) charging the vehicle in any University or Medical Center electrical outlet; and (3) operating in a careless and reckless manner.

  1. Parking Requirements:
    A motorized scooter or electric power-assisted bicycle operator shall park the vehicle upright in an available parking space within the existing UBike Share Hub locations or within existing motorcycle/moped parking areas. If a specific location is full, the operator shall proceed to a bike share or motorcycle/moped parking area that has availability. Electric power-assisted bicycles may also park upright in an available bicycle rack space. Parking these vehicles in other parking locations is prohibited.

    Parking (leaving, abandoning) or storing the vehicle in any University facility, in University housing, or in any Medical Center building is prohibited.

    A motorized scooter and power-assisted bicycle must not be parked, left, or abandoned so as to impede or interfere with:
  • Access to any building or pedestrian areas.
  • Access to any sidewalk, crosswalk, stairs, fire hydrant, call box, emergency facility, bus bench, or utility pole or box.
  • The reasonable use of any commercial window display.
  • The reasonable use of any bicycle rack or news rack.
  • The landscape/furniture zone adjacent to or within:
    • Transit zones, including bus stops, shelters, passenger waiting areas, and bus layover and staging zones.
    • Loading zones.
    • Accessible parking spaces or zones or any American with Disabilities Act (ADA) amenity.
    • Street furniture that requires pedestrian access (e.g., benches, bus shelters, transit information signs).
    • Curb ramps.
    • Entryways.
    • Driveways.

[Note: Parking in prohibited areas is subject to a civil penalty up to $50.00.]

The University reserves the right to designate additional areas where motorized scooter and electric power-assisted bike parking is prohibited.

The University and the Medical Center reserve the right to impound motorized scooters and electric power-assisted bikes for non-compliance with this policy. Impound fees will apply.

For additional information and to read the full policy, see SEC-043: Riding, Parking, and Storing of Motorized Scooters and Electric Power-Assisted Bicycles at the University.

Visitor Parking

Due to limited parking on Grounds during the academic semester, visitors and guests are encouraged to purchase a Temporary Blue Permit to park in the Blue designated parking areas at U-Hall and the John Paul Jones Arena. Visitors may also pay to park at various meters on Grounds or in the Central Grounds Garage on a first-come, first-served basis. Please visit the Parking and Transportation website for additional information.

Other Services

Cavalier Advantage Program

Cavalier Advantage Program
(Observatory Hill Dining Hall, 982-5735, This is a University program that allows students to use their University ID card to access and pay for University provided services. The Cavalier Advantage account is activated by making a deposit. Funds can be added by visiting the website and making an on-line deposit; by visiting or contacting the Cavalier Advantage Office; and by visiting the UVA Bookstore or TJ’s Locker. Deposits can also be made at one of the six cash deposit machines located Grounds-wide at the Alderman, Clemons, Health Sciences Library, Fiske-Kimball Library at the Archituecture School, Science & Engineering Library at Clark Hall, and Observatory Hill Dining Hall. Cavalier Advantage is accepted at University dining locations; bookstore locations; laundry, vending and copy machines; and a variety of other services on-grounds. For additional information, visit the website or contact the Cavalier Advantage Office.

Cavalier Computers

Cavalier Computers

(Located on the Fourth Floor of the Central Grounds Parking Garage., 434-924-3475, A division of the University of Virginia Bookstores, Cavalier Computers is dedicated to supporting information technology at the University by providing students, faculty, departments, and staff with high-quality, educationally priced computer hardware and software, along with outstanding customer support. Offering computers from Apple, Dell, Lenovo, & Hewlett Packard as well as printers from Epson, Canon and Hewlett Packard Cavalier Computers is an active participant in UVA’s Desktop Computing Initiative (DCI); it is the sole provider of net-ready computers configured to meet all UVA DCI established standards.

Basing its retailing practices on the sound business and ethical principles articulated by the University and the Campus Computer Retailers Alliance, Cavalier Computers aims to meet all of its operating expenses and those associated with its capital projects. It is the also the goal of the Cavalier Computer to contribute annually to AccessUVa, student programming and student organizations’ philanthropic works all of which materially support student and academic life at the University.

Cavalier Computers service personnel are factory trained and authorized to repair the computers that they sell. Cavalier Computers is also able to provide repair services for mobile phones by most manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung. In tandem with ITS, Cavalier also provides user support on the computers it sells.

The store accepts cash, personal and traveler’s checks, Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX, Cavalier Advantage, Payroll Deduction, and Student Charge. Cavalier Computers offers several delivery/pickup options including Departmental Delivery, Curbside Pickup, and In-Store Pickup. Hours of operation, pricing, and ordering information are available on-line at


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Looking for a little competition? Join in on the fun of Intramural Sports. We offer dozens of sport leagues, tournaments and contests. If you are looking to take your game to the regional or national level, we can help connect you with over 60 club teams.

Looking for a little more excitement? Stop by Outdoor Adventure to gear up and explore some of Virginia’s most impressive waterfalls, mountain peaks, climbs and white water. Get everything you need from tents to camping stoves to kayaks and climbing gear. Visit to start your next adventure.

UVA Rec plays a big role supporting the University with recreation facilities. Those multi-purpose rooms, gyms, pools, hot tubs, courts and fields are also available to you and your club to use as well. Contact our business office for reservation information.

Recreation memberships are available to students as well as their families. Visit for information about a spouse or roommate membership. Additionally, we provide a variety of youth programs and instruction throughout the year. Visit for more information to get the little ones active.

We look forward to welcoming you into our active community!

Student Identification Card

Student Identification Card
(University ID Card Office, Observatory Hill Dining Hall, 924-4508; Each student enrolled in a degree program at the University is entitled to receive a student identification card. The privileges associated with the identification card depend on the amount of fees paid. If you have a meal plan and/or Cavalier Advantage, your ID Card will be used to access these services.

Students are provided their initial ID card at no charge, usually during orientation. Lost, damaged, or stolen cards can be replaced at the ID Card Office in the Observatory Hill Dining Hall weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., for a fee of $15, payable by cash, check, or Cavalier Advantage. Credit cards, debit cards or student charges are not accepted. Cards replaced due to normal wear, name change, or expired are provided at no charge with the return of the existing card.

Students in the School of Medicine and the School of Nursing who need access to medical facilities are provided a UVA Health System ID Badge by the UVA Health System Technical Services at

University Child Development Centers

University Child Development Centers
(Copeley Road, 293-6110 and Earhart Street, 977-3973, Child care services for faculty, staff, and students are available at the University’s Child Development Centers. Information on eligibility, the priority system and rates can be obtained from the Center’s Director or the website.

University of Virginia Bookstore

University of Virginia Bookstore

  • Main location
    (Fourth Floor, Central Grounds Parking Garage, 924-3721,

  • The UVA Bookstore is a non-profit owned and operated by the University of Virginia.  Each year, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of merchandise at the Bookstore and Cavalier Computers directly support AccessUVA, the University’s need-based financial aid program that provides educational opportunities for deserving students. Proceeds from the stores’ operations also support book grants, student programming and philanthropy.

  • The Bookstore accepts Student Charge, and Cavalier Advantage in addition to other standard methods of payment. Hours of operation: Monday-Friday:8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Sunday.

UVA Bookstore Departments:

  • Textbooks: The textbook department works directly with the faculty to order the correct editions of course materials to set students up for success. The Bookstore has a convenient online ordering platform and offers a number of cost saving options,  such as inclusive access textbook rentals, used textbooks and digital textbooks.
  • General Books: The general book department includes sections for books on Jefferson, Virginia, UVA Faculty, alumni authors as wells as a broad variety of everyday reading.
  • Clothing, UVA licensed - socks, sweatshirts, golf shirts, hats, from socks and more
  • Gifts, UVA licensed - mugs, car decals, stickers, lawn flags, pillows, pennants, backpacks, dog gear, ornaments, and customized engraving.
  • School supplies:  journals, art supplies, calculators, backpacks, highlighters, pens, binders, copy paper, notebooks, office supplies
  • Student supplies: cleaning items, toiletries, cosmetics, organizers, bins, yoga mats, tennis balls and more.

​For student convenience there is a UVA Medical Center Pharmacy on site as well as a UPS drop-off, and custom engraving desk.